Get your money back

Did you know you can get money back if the price drops after your purchase? It’s called a price guarantee, and we’ll help you claim it. Automatically!
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Get receipt
Tjommi finally makes it easy to collect all of your receipts in one place. You can scan it, have it automatically uploaded fro​m your email, or manually upload a pdf.
Detect price drop
We'll then register the products on your receipt in our database and start tracking their prices across the internet. This is how we can know when the price drops.
Get refund
We will help you get the refund if the price drops. We do this through automated communication with the store. You don't have to do anything! We'll send the money straight to your bank account when we get it.
Get your money back with Tjommi

Shopping with peace of mind

Imagine a world where you never have to worry about overpaying, missing a sale or getting caught out by the fine print.
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Don't take our word for it

“I used the Tjommi-app the last time I bought myself a TV. They helped me get back over $80 on my purchase! 10/10 would recommend to everyone!”

Fredrik from Norway
"Have been an alpha tester since 2019. The first time I got money back was after I uploaded the receipt of my washing machine. Tjommi got back over €60 on that one purchase! I'm an active user to this day."

Nils Christian from Norway.
“Decided to try the alpha version after a friend told me about it. They got money back just 6 days after I uploaded my receipt! Will use again."

Inger Lise from Norway.

How we handle data

Bank access
We need bank access to handle refunds securely. Tjommi is GDPR compliant, and we can only process relevant transactions.
Mail access
We need mail access to find better prices on your receipts. Tjommi is GDPR compliant, and we can only process emails that contain receipts.
No data monetization
We will never make any money selling your data. Your relationship is what matters.

Stores with price guarantee

We’ve made a list of the best stores to shop from, if you always want the best price.
Clas Ohlson