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Did you know you can get money back if the price drops after your purchase? We’ll help you claim that difference. Automatically!
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What our users say

Chill in your sofa. Get money back.

I was just relaxing in my sofa when I got the notification from Tjommi. They got 250 kr back for me!
How it works

We scan your inbox for receipts.

Up to 10% of your products drop in price after your purchase. We can get that difference back for you when we have the receipt.

I used the Tjommi-app the last time I bought myself a TV. They helped me get back over $80 on my purchase! 10/10 would recommend to everyone!

Fredrik from Norway

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Never miss a sale
With Tjommi you never have to worry about missing a sale, overpaying or getting caught out by the fine print.
All your reciepts in one place
Gone are the days of missing receipts. Tjommi is the one-stop shop for all your purchases.